Comfort Food With Respects Catering - Celebrating your loved one's life

Celebrating Your Loved One’s Life – 5 ways to make an Unforgettable Memorial

With Respects Catering - Celebrating your loved one's life

Celebrating your loved one’s life is becoming increasingly important. 


As we surface from two years of lock-downs and tiny gatherings, we appreciate more than ever, the moments and celebrations we have with our families and friends.




One truly unforgettable way to celebrate a loved one’s life is through gathering and dining.  Celebrating with food and drink ensures your guests are comfortable and happy. 

While funerals and memorials can be very stressful for families, mourners find comfort in a shared meal. The food itself is important to consider. 

With Respects Catering are experts in bereavement catering and know the tried and true food items which will bring comfort. We have been catering for memorials for many year. We know what works best.


In having a catered memorial, also keep in mind the venue for you and your guests.  Make it easy for yourself and any other family members who are assisting you on the day. And always approach a reputable caterer, one who you have direct experience with or who has been recommended to you.



A truly lovely way of celebrating your loved one’s life during a memorial is to set up a website or ask someone to do it for you.  The website can be crafted and then go “live”.  Even after it goes live, it can be added to up to and after the day of your memorial. What do you include on your website? Some great suggestions are photos, videos, quotable quotes, bio, and memories from close family members.  The site itself can be accessed by all of your guests and a comments section added. It will be amazing what family and friends remember abut your loved one. 

Photo Board


A photo board at the venue is a tangible representation of the life os a loved one, across the years.  Photo boards are always appreciated by guests at a memorial as there are facets to one’s life that others may not be aware of.  When crafting your photo board make sure to enlist help. Invite your family and close friends to assist with this project.  Ask for photos. Include small memorabilia items. 



Consider making a vide about your loved one. A memorial video is especially effective when imagery such as photos, newspaper clippings and home movies are added. The possibilities are endle

Memorial Service


A mass or memorial service when celebrating a loved one’s life is a perfect opportunity to take the time to reflect on your happy memories of your loved one.  A memorial service gives you and other the time and space to remember and celebrate all of the wonderful history you share with the person whose life is being remembered.  Taking the time in reflection can be a memory you treasure on the day and into the future. It can work very effectively followed by refreshments. 

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